Sunday, August 5, 2012

Dotty for Doilies!

I jumped on the doily bandwagon this week. Actually I jumped on it a while ago after seeing a ridiculous amount of cute doily projects on the blogosphere. After picking up an appropriately sized doily in the haul a couple of weeks ago, I was inspired to try this collar. I made a  few changes to the original instructions.

1. Mine started unravelling as soon as I cut it, so I added bias tape to the neck and edge.
2. I used hat elastic to fashion a loop for he button to go through. Poppet pulled this off in about an hour, so I ended up pushing the button through the existing holes.
3. I messed up the cutting and both sides are a little uneven if I wear it Peter Pan style. As long as I wear it fastened at the back it fine!

Thank you to Noemie from The Sun was High for posting it. I will definitely try making another one. If you have a spare doily hanging around give it a try. If I can get it (almost) right anyone can!

Please ignore the similarity to the gorgeous Noemie's picture...I didn't click until after I posted it!  (Well as similar as this old lady is going to get!  I cropped my eyes so the wrinkles and bags couldn't be seen after a few too many nights without sleep!)


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  1. Looks super cute! My collars are starting to unravel from wearing them too much, so I think I will use your bias tape tip. Thanks for sharing <3