Sunday, August 12, 2012

Meet Bertha

I made a new friend this week. She is a little rough around the edges and may need a hammer and a bit of WD40 before she is the right shape (which in this instance is MY shape).......

Bertha, as I have christened her was being throw away by the business next door and they said I could have her for free!!! WooHoo!

There is enough for a dress, but I suspect the colour will look awful near my face!

I think she looks rather fetching in this fabric which I think is destined for a quick and dirty skirt job this week.

I also managed to pick up a couple of great pillowcases to be used either as dresses for Poppet or as panels in a skirt for moi (come on spring!!!!), and few more patterns.

Prints galore!

I also picked up this truly dreadful tea towel. I have a soft spot for all things Scottish having lived there for a few years many moons ago. I saw this guy and had to buy it....because sometimes something is so bad it is good.

So bad its good? Or just bad?

I may be even more sporadic with my posts in the coming weeks......after a year of being on the market we finally sold our house and are packing up and moving! (Just as soon as we can find somewhere to rent!!!) .

Til next time...

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  1. I love that fabric and the print. I got my dress form for $10 at a rummage sale. And how awesome you got it for free. :)