Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Linen Dilemma

Once upon a time I would walk into an oppie and see a lovely single bed sheet, pick it up, look at it longingly and keep walking. These days I pick them up, squeal internally (or lets face it, sometimes rather loudly) and add them to the stash I'm trying to juggle whilst chasing two kids down aisles and yelling "no, you can't have....!".
Why the change.....well A)we now have single beds in the house. Well, single bed, but since poppet will need one eventually I buy nice ones when I see them, and B) I have started sewing many of them would make great clothes. The problem is, do I keep them as sheets or chop them and turn them into pretty dresses for me and Poppet? Tell me, what would you do?

Green single only....others with set. Even wash fade, great designs, dilemma dilemma.!
I have been grabbing a ridiculous amount of patterns I just have to learn how to sew with them.

I can see the sheets as some of these. 

Also picked up some great doilies and napkins along with the patterns. 
Along with doilies I've been picking up napkins lately. The doilies are destined for collars and decorations on clothes. The napkins are destined to be....napkins! Yep, some things I think I will keep for their intended purpose!

Any other ideas on how to use this weeks stash? Check out Her Library Adventures for other great Flea Market Finds. 



  1. I would chop up the sheets and make something lovely like maybe a patchwork quilt or throw? You could even throw a chopped up napkin into the mix too!

  2. Sweet finds!

    The Joyful Thrifter

  3. Which would be more use to you? The sheets or some pretty, retro handmade clothes? May you could choose a few to stay whole in your linen cupboard and a few to get creative with and make into all manner of lovely things?

    Jem xXx