Sunday, July 15, 2012

Ugly Flora

I had a rare child free day on Wednesday and managed to hit three oppies, take in a movie and eat an eggy breakfast! Bliss!

I've need a sofa bed for a while so when I spotted this in an op shop I hadn't been to before I knew I had to bring her home!. So what if we have no space? So what if I had to put a lounge (that probably matched the house better) in storage? So what if we had to take an entire morning borrowing trailers and shuffling stuff? So what if some people think she is ugly? I shall name her Flora and I shall love her.

I've picked up a bunch of great napkins in recent weeks that I am planning on turning into no sew bunting when I have five minutes. Check back soon to see the results! 

I'm hoping to get more photos up tonight of some great vintage patterns I picked up as well as the napkins (but right now, I am cold in an unheated room as my netbook  needs power and the last episode of Downton and a cup of tea awaits!)


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  1. I'd love Flora too if she were mine.

  2. Oh my, what a beauty! I don't think she's ugly and would've definitely bought it too :)

  3. Oh that couch is amazing. I've been looking for one as cool as that. Simply lovely, not at all ugly!

  4. I would have bought her too.