Sunday, April 1, 2012

Second hand score

OK. Long hiatus and renewed vow to do this more often, so setting myself some challenges!

Since what I spend so much time trawling op-shops I figured I'd share some of the loot.

After a series of mishaps (involving rain, sickness and a bit more rain), by mum finally made it down for a belated Happy Birthday for Poppet. Since mum is an even more chronic op-shopper than me we hit one of my favourite op-shops.

Unfortunately since one child was asleep in the car (and the other needed physically restraining from trying to grab everything in the shop), we had to take it in turns to have a quick rummage. Mum unfortunately missed out, but I managed to score a few things.

Strawberries!!! Possibly oil cloth, but definitely cute. And pretty floral frock that is admittedly a but frumpy without the belt, very cool and comfy.

Single doona cover for Poppet at some stage, mismatched pillowcases, stripey fabric.

There are a couple of metres of the stripey that I have visions of using for big floor cushions or maybe an attempt of a chair at some point.

I also managed to pick up a couple of pairs of jeans and a dress for Poppet (like she needs any more....the child has far too many clothes) but cleverly left them sitting on my desk at work. I'm rather happy about the jeans as I got them for $3 each!!! 

Till next time...CCxx

P.S. Her Library Adventures has some great Flea Market Finds if you need more second hand love.

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