Sunday, April 29, 2012

Birthday records

A number of years ago two babies were born in the same hospital 3 days apart. They didn't meet for 27 years, but when they did they fell in love, had some wild joint birthday parties and then settled down and had kids. This week Mr Chameleon and I turned 35. When we turned 30 we celebrated with an all night fancy dress party, 31 was spent on a boat on Halong Bay and today we took the kids to the cinema for the first time and came home and drank tea.
I must have aged as I think I prefer the latter!

Amongst a week of baking and stressing over other things (more of those in posts to come) I managed to buy a few things, including Mr Chameleon's birthday present. Some may say I'm stingy, I prefer vintage ;-)

After we had a conversation a couple of months ago about John Peel and his record box (containing the records he would take with him in a fire), I decided I wanted to buy Mr Chameleon one. Now, there are quite a few on ebay, but most were out of my price range, so I put the call out to the thrift divas that are my mother and sister in law. Mum found this for me after posting a wanted add on a facebook sale site.

This one holds 12". I now need to find something to hold 45s. Actually I think I may have started something and wanted to collect a few more!

OK, so it doesn't hold 142....but it is probably more portable. 

I also picked up this Star Wars version of Guess Who at the local Oppie. It was sitting in the window calling out to me with its $3 price tag. I know its isn't perfect (it was created after the prequels so contains Jar Jar Binks, but at least it isn't auditory) , but it has all the pieces and gave me something to put in the record case (since I ran out of time to buy him a new record). We had a game the other night and its great. You can get rid of a whole bunch of characters if the first question is "Are you humanoid?"

I picked up this set of 10 linen napkins from the same shop. I love crisp white linen (or in this case still wrinkled white linen) with the fresh greens in the embroidery. A couple of them have a few age spots, but otherwise they are in great condition.

Would look great on a Christmas table!

I also did a bit of facebook garage sale shopping this week. I had noticed this Sesame Street doona (duvet) cover a few weeks ago and finally succumbed yesterday. At this stage I am thinking of using it for fabric. Either as a skirt or pillowcases.

Wow! Cookie monster is Australian?? 

I think big bird is still my favourite.

And yes...the skirt will probably be for me and not Poppet.


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