Monday, April 23, 2012


I've been teaching myself to sew. This is a really funny statement since I've always said that I suck at any type of craft.

What is more surprising it that I really enjoy it. I actually look forward to the cutting, the pinning, the drawing blood from the pinning of my finger, the uneven stitching. It's great. Well, the outcomes aren't great at this stage if you are talking about tangible product, but the enjoyment and satisfaction factor is pretty high.

Although the tangible products aren't too bad either. No brilliant, but not too bad.

This is the second thing I have made (the first being a bit of fabric with elastic in the top, whala a skirt!). I took an old top that had a few holes from age, and turned it into a pair of pants for Poppet using a this tutorial on Prudent Baby as a rough guide.
I say guide as I got a bit confused adding the crotch, couldn't make out  the 'proper' way of finishing it, buggered up the waistband and ended up winging it......and am chuffed at the results.

As good as a picture as I could get since she won't pose.
If they look like pants and fit like pants, then they are pants!!


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