Monday, January 2, 2012

Shiny red kitchens.

Yes, this is my shameless plug to win a kitchenaid. I will pimp myself for prizes. But hey, can you blame me? Matchbox ran a competition to a new shiny, mixy, did I say SHINY! kitchenaid. And I love my red kitchen porn, so of course I entered. And I got to make a fool of myself in public (in my lunch break at work, where they are used to me making a fool of myself on a regular basis).

The competition was to dress up in my fave vintage frock and have my photo taken in public (preferably in a matchbox store). There are no matchbox stores near where I live, so I figured I'd create a montage of fabulous frocks, in various locations with me holding my dinky cardboard cutout. This was all I managed, since it was the week before Christmas and the rest of life got in the way (more on Christmas later).

Dress: 70's polyester thrifted
Belt: 80's vinyl thrifted

I would of liked to of worn something 50's inspired, but this is what I wore to work that day and I still think it works.

So, if I don't win at least I got to have a laugh in the process.


N.B Thanks to the Organized Housewife for featuring the comp.

I didn't win the mixer....but I did win a Kitchenaid blender!!!!!

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